Straight Razors In Canada

Shaving is a somewhat complicated chore, and without the right tools, this task can even be treacherous. Try to visualize yourself making use of a blunt blade, which would need additional strength. Imagine the possible accident that may take place in this scenario. Well, you have the option to veer towards using those disposable razors that promise comfort and handiness. But then again there’s no enjoyment in doing so. Shaving per se is such a manly chore and can be more so if you make use of something bolder, something which you can use professionally and can impart a sense of extreme sensation of living dangerously. Then, you most definitely need the straight razor to enjoy that superb shaving encounter.

To precisely define what straight-razor shaving is about we need to keep in mind that this shaving technique requires the use of an open razor, also known as a cut-throat razor. A straight razor displays a blade which can be artistically tucked into the handle. Handling this type of razor involves far more skill, practice and grace than any of your other shaving implements (be it electric razors, plastic safety razors and everything in between). In reality, nothing can offer that phenomenal shaving experience and the impeccable results that the straight razor can provide.

After deciding to give straight-razor shaving a go, you need to get some gear. It all starts with choosing a high quality straight razor. Bear in mind that you need to lay this on your exposed skin, so carefully scrutinizing the razor before buying it is vitally important. Make certain that the blades are in excellent condition and remember to also inspect the scales which secure the blade so it is snug enough. You definitely don’t want the razor to snap open all of sudden.

Learning the basics of how to correctly and securely use the straight razor is the next step. It is quite normal to come up with irregular shaving or even a few scratches on your first few tries. On the other hand, once you become familiar with this shaving method and the proper handling of this razor you can loosen up and start enjoying your shave.

Keeping the blade sharp is the rule of the shaving game. As a matter of fact, this is vital to guarantee that even the stiffest hair can be cut off without shaving the same area over and over and over again. Sharpen your straight razor periodically and strop it frequently, before each shave. The best material to achieve this is leather, so running the edge of the razor vertically against a leather strop before using it is a must.

In addition, store your favorite shaving cream or lotion within reach before you begin the straight razor shaving activity. Put on ample amount of shaving cream prior to shaving. The use of a shaving brush can also wheedle the facial hair into cooperating.

All these considered, the most exciting part is the shaving process itself. When using the straight razor for the first times, remember to take a few breaths first, be calm and revel in the shaving experience. Hold the metal part with your first three fingers and position your thumb below to hold the razor steadily. Rest your pinkie and ring finger on the tang. Use the other hand to broaden the area you would like to shave to have the closest shave.

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